Do Not Become the Weak Link in Your Customers Supply Chain

TN Security Group will conduct a security assessment of your supply chain partners and assess the following areas to ensure that they do not compromise your security status in the supply chain security programs.
Know your supply chain. Security Questionnaires often contain misinformation and can overlook the true concerns.

Assessment Areas:

  • Physical Examination of Accessible Areas Buildings, yards, offices etc.
    Unannounced and Announced
  • Physical Examination of Fences, Locks, Lighting, Doors etc.
  • Physical Examination of Warehouse
  • Particular attention to cargo segregation for domestic and international goods
  • Procedures for Dangerous Cargo If applicable
  • Access Controls-Visitors and Employees
  • Procedural Security-Policies and Procedures for Manifests, Bill of Ladings, Product Information
  • Movement of Goods to and from Manufacturer
  • Data/Documentation Protection – Measures in place to protect electronic assets, data and documentation
  • Review Personnel/Employee Verification
  • Shipment Security ETC….

TN Security Intelligence will provide a full written and disc formatted report of the Physical Security Assessment.