What Are They?
How Do They Affect Your Operation?

The purpose of International Cargo Security Programs is to provide for the safety of individuals and property traveling on flights and to protect against acts of criminal violence, air piracy, and prevent or deter the carriage of any unauthorized persons and any unauthorized weapons, explosives, incendiaries, and other destructive devices, items, or substances onboard an aircraft.

  • Learn what your company needs to know about the programs and how they affect your operation.
  • How does your company become compliant with your program?
  • How do I obtain a Security Assessment and why is it important?
  • What are the benefits of joining the programs and are they voluntary?
  • Understand how to join and become a low risk partner.

TN Security Group would be happy to help you understand the programs and help conduct your Security Assessment and Security and Threat Awareness Training.
The programs are ever changing to adhere to the different situations that arise daily. Let TN Security be your representative to ensure that your company stays ahead of the curve.