TN Security will assess a company’s susceptibility of their Supply Chain partner’s business disruption risk. We will recommend strategies and procedures to minimize adverse impacts of the supply chain risk.

TN Security will get to know the company and identify the supply chain partner at risk by the identification and mitigation of key supply chain vulnerabilities.
We will establish the probability of the risk and possible frequency, determine the impact of the events and develop options and solutions to mitigate risk and liability.

TN Security will present a cost/benefit analysis to help companies understand the threat and/or risk, as it relates to the company and its industry standings.

Supply Chain Risks Impact Margin, Brand Equity and Customer Loyalty. For every dollar invested in Risk Management, six are saved in a crisis.

Help Prevent Supply Chain Business Disruption

TN Security will help your company understand the importance of the Supply Chain and how to prevent a Supply Chain Partner business disruption incident using information such as;

  • Supply Chain Security Custody Gaps.
  • Global Cargo Disruption Areas
  • Transportation Mode Loss Rates
  • Supply Chain Tampering Exposure
  • Global Cargo Security Programs
  • Alternative Sourcing Strategies
  • Supply Chain Partner Business Continuity Plans
  • ETC.

Be Proactive Not Reactive Ask TN Security to help you understand the possible risks and threats that your business could be facing and help diminish the risk of a business disruption and potential legal consequences that could arise from a weak supply chain partner.