TN Security Training Seminars in Safety, Security and Threat Awareness, draw from first hand experiences considering a male and a female point of view.  Their preventative approach to security teaches people how to be proactive and count on themselves during harrowing situations.

TN Security Seminars teach people how to stay safe and be aware of a possible situation that could become dangerous or life changing. The instructors use real life situations as examples and provide realistic solutions that are effective for the average person.

TN Security Seminars teach self-confidence and how to overcome fear and anxiety.

TN Security Seminars are customized to address your needs and use humor and fun while teaching safe and simple techniques that the average person may need in their everyday lives.  They are able to soften the very sensitive and controversial subject of Security to teach people how to be preventative and count on themselves, whether at the workplace, while traveling, or at home.

Seminars, Workshops, Lunch and Learns or Key Note addresses can be designed for any size group, corporations, executives, employees, small and medium sized businesses, associations, conferences and trade events.

Seminar and Speaking Topics:

How to Stay Safe at:

  • Your Home or Apartment
  •  Parking Lot
  • Your Business
  • Shopping Mall
  • Restaurant/Bar
  • Airport
  • Travelling
  • Foreign Country
  • Public Transit

How Not to Become a Victim

C-TPAT & PIP Employee Security and Threat Awareness Training

TN Security’s C-TPAT and PIP Employee Threat Awareness Training has empowered thousands of employees to become the company’s eyes and ears of security.

TN Security Group instructors have lived the lives of highly secret undercover operatives for the federal government and private business and have been trained in Great Britain, Canada and the United States: With extensive experience in Counter Terrorism, Covert Operations, Military Training and Tactics and Law Enforcement, TN Security Intelligence Agents draw from their experience in the world of Terrorism and Organized Crime to understand the mindset of the criminal to help prevent possible infiltration and pre-meditated actions.

In their challenging undercover missions they learnt techniques in diffusion, evasion, how to remain in control and how to protect themselves on their own, without the luxury of carrying a firearm, a badge, a radio or a back up team. Our speakers speak from their hearts and from experience. They have written numerous security articles and are often called upon by various media groups to discuss security concerns.

Travel Security Seminars

TN Security Intelligence agents teach preventative practices that are realistic and user friendly and will reduce risk and liability.  For business executives and event attendees and travelers, learn to prevent and evade danger.