TN Security will conduct a pre-event site security assessment for conferences and meeting locations worldwide.

TN Security will provide security details of the venue and surrounding areas so that the participants feel comfortable and secure during their time away from home.

TN Security will provide vital information on areas of interest surrounding the venue, police and emergency contacts for the local area, helpful security tips and alerts that affect the conference or meeting participants.

TN Security uses both male and female assessors to determine overall risk possibilities that can affect the safety and security of all participants. They provide information that is useful, non-threatening, practical and up to date for the region.

TN Security’s priority is to ensure the participants of the conferences or meeting stay safe, secure, and return home with pleasant experiences.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure.

Assessment Areas Include:

  • Public Transit Information
  • Local Crime Statics’
  • Airport Information
  • Hotel/Resort Information
  • Foreign Country Statics’
  • Police and Emergency Contact Information
  • Weather Information
  • Government Contact Information, ETC.

Help your attendees stay safe and secure and not to become a victim.

TN Security will design and deliver customized security awareness training for your attendees. Reduce risk and liability.