1. TN Security is a recognized expert with Trade Security Programs C-TPAT, PIP, AEO and Air Cargo.
  2. Their unbiased observations and solutions set the standard for Security in Various Industries.
  3. TN Security’s credible, professional reports are recognized as being above the bar compared to self -assessments. They know what to look for.
  4. TN Security’s Experienced Security Professionals have the training to ensure the security and integrity of their clients.
  5. TN Security Clients range in sizes from Small Manufactures to Fortune 500.
  6. TN Security Assessments put you over and above your competition.
  7. TN Security has been a leader in Employee Security Threat Awareness Training and Workplace Violence Prevention for over 10 years.
  8. There are never two plants the same; Different City, Different Culture, Different Employees, Different Buildings, Different Yards, Different Product ETC.
  9. TN Security Assessments are customized to each location, to ensure accurate and precise information. We identify and address your vulnerabilities.
  10. TN Security has a great relationship with Canada Customs and US Homeland Security.
  11. TN Security are security Hardware Experts and recommend new and proven security technology.
  12. TN Security Professionals have over 30 years experience protecting People and Assets.
  13. TN Security’s cost effective solutions will save you money and prevent you from spending unnecessarily on security hardware.

Why Use TN Security for Events, Seminars or Employee Training

“Your professional, highly informative and entertaining approach to personal and corporate security exceeded our client’s expectations. On behalf of our company and myself, thank you for making our work a little easier. TN’s contribution to our yearly event left each participant better prepared to face the sometimes uncertain world of group and individual travel.”

Vice President
Meetings and Event Management Co.

“This has been an informative workshop, worth attendance.  The facilitators made this very relaxing as well as promoting the importance of safety in a non-violence way.”

Attendee – Workplace Safety ad Security
Ontario Ministry of Labour

“The Central Advisory & Health Committee, and the Environmental Health and Safety Office, extend their gratitude to you both for a job well done! By all accounts the Workplace Security Awareness Seminars which you facilitated here, at this University, over the past year have been a great success. Our employees expressed appreciation for having received the training and in the University’s interest in their safety and well-being.  Some also reported renewed confidence in themselves in handling threatening situations. We would be pleased to recommend TN Security to any organization looking for competent experts to train their front line staff to empower themselves to make safety improvements in their immediate work environment and to handle threatening individuals and situations. We look forward to planning more seminars with you in the future and to include these as an integral part of our violence prevention program.”

Environmental Health and Safety
University Note: (many employees had experienced violence and emotional trauma)

“You guys are a great team – you know your stuff and present it in such a fun, professional way that It truly is a pleasure to listen to you both and all the while learn so much.”

Travel Consultant
Ontario Travel Information Centre
Ministry of Tourisms

“Very informative. Presenters are extremely interesting. Job Well Done!!! Thanks.”

Attendee-Workplace Safety and Security Seminar-Real Life, Real Time
Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services
Probation and Parole ServicesKingston, Ontario

“Excellent Seminar-Information was very helpful and will be of assistance in both my work and personal lifeAttendee Workplace Safety and Security.”

Government Info Centre
Ministry of Consumer and Business Services Ontario