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Physical Security Assessments

Identity theft and fraudulent use of credit/debit cards are one of the fastest growing crimes throughout the world. TN Security Intelligence can help you and your company to combat these harmful crimes and assistant you in your recovery process. Consulting services are available in the areas of personal security, fraud prevention, card association compliance, risk management and liability with financial institutions.

Consulting services are also available to the merchant sector, as emerging regulations from the card associations are often confusing. An example is the recently announced PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards which merchants must observe to prevent liability in the realm of increasing credit card fraud. Another emerging standard is the EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and VISA) format.  This is a chip-card based payment mechanism, which does away with signatures in favour of a PIN entry.

  • Learn what you or your company needs to do to help prevent Identity Theft.
  • How will it affect you or your company?
  • How do I protect my financial integrity?
  • What are the benefits of being proactive not reactive?
  • As a merchant, learn the fey factors to be aware of when joining card associations.

TN Security Intelligence would be happy to help you understand card associations, the banking community and how to develop sound business practices and policies.
The financial industry is rapidly changing to adhere to the new challenges that arise daily. Many new merchant standards can be bewildering. Let TN Security Intelligence Agents, with the experience to simplify and translate the new banking rules, help you stay ahead of the curve and keep you in good standing.

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