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Benefits of Joining C-TPAT

  • A reduced number of CBP inspections (reduced border delay times)
  • Front of the Line processing for inspections (when possible).
  • Competitive Advantage-Increase and retain customer base and reduce attrition
  • More Reliable On-Time Delivery Promise = customer’s confidence and satisfaction
  • Enhances Company’s Marketing Opportunities
  • Protects Company’s Brand Image
  • Decrease theft and product or asset damage and concealed loss
  • Promotes Patriotism
  • Increased Security for your company and your customer
  • Demonstrates Corporate Citizenship
  • Improves Risk Management Procedures and Systems
  • Enhances Security in the Supply Chain
  • Eligibility to attend C-TPAT supply chain security training seminars.

Who Should Join?

  • Canadian and Mexican Manufacturers
  • Certain Invited Foreign Manufacturers
  • And their supply chain partners
  • Consolidators
    - Air Freight Consolidators
    - Ocean Transportation Intermediaries
    - Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers  
  • U.S. Importers of record
  • U.S./Canada Highway Carrier
  • U.S./Mexico Highway Carriers
  • Licensed U.S. Customs Brokers
  • U.S. Marine Port Authority/Terminal Operators
  • Rail Carriers
  • Sea Carriers
  • Air Carriers

Be Proactive vs. Reactive

• Retain old and win new US Customers
• Reliable on time delivery
• Remain a supply chain partner
• C-TPAT/PIP members only
• Protect your reputation.
• Classify as Low Risk.
• Do audits and upgrades to all your facilities before you apply
• Rely on thorough, credible information
• Is your competition counting on your complacency?

Empower your employees to be your eyes and ears.

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