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An Authorised Economic Operator can be defined as an economic operator who is reliable throughout the Community in the context of his customs related operations, and, therefore, is entitled to enjoy benefits throughout the Community.

The concept of AEO – Security and Safety is closely linked to supply chain management. Operators who are handling goods subject to customs supervision or handling data related to these goods can apply for AEO – Security and Safety certificate.

An AEO Certificate – Security and Safety is issued to any economic operator established in the Community who fulfils the criteria of customs compliance, appropriate record-keeping standards, financial solvency, and maintains appropriate security and safety standards.

The holder of this certificate is entitled to:

- possibility of prior notification
- reduced data set for summary declarations
- fewer physical and document-based controls;
- priority treatment if selected for control;
- possibility to request a specific place for such control

The AEO criteria apply to all businesses regardless of their size. However, the means to achieve compliance will vary and be in direct relation to the size and complexity of the business, type of goods handled etc.

AEO Applies to:


TN Security will conduct a Physical Security Assessment  for your company and help you prepare the application for the AEO program.TN Security Assessments are customized to each location, to ensure accurate and precise information. We identify and address your vulnerabilities.

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